ALOHA's Splash-Proof Pouch Guide | ALOHA Collection

Welcome to our ALOHA Collection pouch guide! In this post, we're highlighting top uses and unique qualities of each of the four sizes of pouches available in our Splash-Proof lineup. Whether you’re looking for a new wet-dry bag or looking for a little extra help in the packing department, we have a pouch for that!


Introducing the smallest size in our Splash-Proof range, the mini pouch! Even though this must-have bag is tiny, you can use it in a million different ways to keep life's little moments organized.

Mini pouches can be used as a coin purse to carry loose change or a small wallet to protect credit cards, cash, and IDs without cluttering up your purse.

The mini pouch is perfect for beauty enthusiasts! For flawless manicures anytime, anywhere, you can make a DIY manicure kit with this pouch. It’s the perfect size for storing nail clippers, nail files, and polish. For quick touch-ups on the go, you can use this pouch as a compact makeup bag to hold lipgloss, mascara, CC Cream, bronzer, and a beauty blender.

If you're a mom, toss in a binky, teether, diaper rash ointment, thermometer, or extra baby bottle tops for your baby. You can also stash feminine products in the mini pouch when you want to be discreet. This pouch is perfect, just slip it into your purse for easy access!


Whether you’re heading to the beach, packing for a day trip, or packing the perfect carry-on bag, our small pouch is here to keep your belongings organized and Splash-Proof.

Have you ever wrapped up a day at the beach or pool and wondered what on earth you should do with your wet swimsuit?! The small pouch can be used as a wet bikini bag to keep your wet swimwear separate from your dry stuff after swimming or surfing. Just throw in your damp swimsuit, zip it closed, and go!

We like to use our small pouches for keeping beach essentials like sunglasses, phones, and AirPods safe from sand and splashes. The small pouch can also be used as the perfect sunscreen bag! This size pouch is especially helpful for moms who want to organize all the necessities for the beach, pool, or swimming lessons, like swim caps, goggles, and more.

Another one of our favorite uses is for on-the-go snacks! You can easily pack your snacks inside our small pouches while you are out and about, running errands, or spending family time at the park. Use them as reusable storage bags, and since they are washable, any spills or messes that happen can easily be wiped clean.

Going on vacation? Pack these bags! Our small pouches can keep your carry-on luggage organized and your inflight experience more comfortable. They make the perfect tech pouch—you can store items like charging cords, headphones, and an external battery so you can easily access it all while traveling. You can also make your own inflight essentials kit with a face mask, sleeping mask, hand sanitizer, chapstick, and compression socks.



Our mid pouch is a perfect starter pouch for anyone who's new to the ʻOHANA! Our mid pouch is multifunctional and its size makes it an excellent option for someone new to the brand.

As a travel bag, the mid pouches organize items like underwear, socks, and bikinis while on-the-go. During short trips or overnight stays, you can also use them to compartmentalize items in your carry-on, backpack, and duffel bag. If your toiletry bag isn't Splash-Proof, upgrade yours with our mid pouch made out of wet-dry material. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering spills, leaks, and unexpected splashes in your luggage upon arrival at your destination. The mid pouch will keep your luggage spill-free and securely store your toiletries for travel.

The mid pouch is a favorite among moms to organize their diaper bag essentials. They are perfect for packing baby products like extra diapers, wipes, a change of clothes (or three!), and even a breast pump. They are machine-washable, so if your infant or toddler makes a mess, our mid pouch will keep their dirty clothes stashed until you can toss them in the washer. You can stash small toys like Legos, crayons, art supplies, and other activities in our mid pouches for easy access while on the go with your child. You can also use this pouch as a cute beach clutch for a casual, vacation look - dress it up or dress it down, depending on your mood.



Packing the perfect suitcase is effortless with the MAX pouches. Packing cubes are essential for every savvy traveler, so keep your luggage ultra-organized with our MAX pouches.

Pro Tip: pack separate MAX pouches for daywear, nightwear, activewear, and bulkier items, so you know where everything is when you reach your destination.

MAX pouches can also hold snorkel gear and fins for tropical vacations and ski gear like goggles, gloves, and extra socks for winter excursions.

Love hitting the gym? Fitness queens can stash damp/stinky/sweaty athletic wear after a HIIT workout or a Bikram yoga session. If you want to go from cardio barre to cocktail bar, pack a change of clothes in the MAX pouch for after your workout.


ALOHA's Splash-Proof pouches are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're a mom, frequent flyer, fitness queen, or beach goer, our four pouch types will help keep you organized. Shop our pouch lineup HERE!