Italy Giveback | ALOHA Collection


Growing up on Kauaʻi I had always dreamed of going to Italy. In the second grade, I read a book about cultures around the world, and Venice somehow ended up etched in my memory. After Rachael and I started ALOHA Collection, I finally got to go and I immediately fell in love with La Dolce Vita! The food, the laid back lifestyle, the beautiful scenery, the history, the passionate and warm people, the importance of family - there were a lot of similarities with home.

We decided we must visit every year! And so, I told Rachael we must have an Italian Holiday Collection every year!

This year, sadly, our Italian Holiday plans got postponed. We are releasing our Limoncello and Capri prints again to remind us to plan our trips - and also as a way of giving back. 10% of sales from these prints will go back to Italy.

We reached out to our friends in Italy to see how we could make an impact. After looking at all the different ways we could donate, we decided to help the small community of Guastalla. Guastalla has a population of 15,000 and is just east of Parma. Medicina 2000 is a group of 15 doctors who take care of everyone in Guastalla. When we asked this medical group how we could help most, they said by providing electric cars to visit the most isolated and elderly of the community.

With these cars, the doctors of Medicina 2000 will be able to make house calls. It is a small gesture but a great help to this community.

“On behalf of all the doctors that are working in Medicina 2000, thank you so much for the help, this would give a big help to the older/isolated people of Guastalla who are struggling the most, especially at the moment. So really thank you from all of us.” - Our friend Marta


10% of sales from our Limoncello and Capri prints go back to Medicina 2000. Medicina 2000 offers at-home medical visits to its most vulnerable and elderly residents. The proceeds will fund electric vehicles for the Medicina 2000 team to increase the number of citizens they can provide medical services to.