15 Uses for ALOHA | ALOHA Collection

You can use your ALOHA Collection wet-dry bags for more than just the beach. Here are 15 creative ways to use them that don’t involve a beach bag. Whether you're looking to streamline your suitcase, minimize clutter, or protect your tech, we have a Splash-Proof solution for you!

1. Luggage Organization

To keep your suitcase organized, use our MAX and mid pouches as packing cubes.

When it comes to packing for a trip, no savvy traveler would be caught without their space-saving packing cubes. It's easy to pack everything you need to pack for a weekend getaway or a month-long vacation in a few MAX and mid-sized pouches. They will keep your suitcase tidy and organized so that upon arrival, you’ll know exactly where your belongings are when you go to unpack.

Pro Tip: Avoid overpacking and use our pouches to compartmentalize your wardrobe by outfit type or activity such as daywear, evening wear, and activewear.

2. Toiletries

Your search for the best toiletry bag is over with our small and mid pouches!

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at your final destination to find that your shampoo, face wash, or toothpaste has exploded mid-flight in your luggage. With our small or mid pouches, you can rest assured knowing that your spill-prone toiletries are stashed and your suitcases and carry-on bags are safe from leaks and spills. ​​

Pro Tip: Our Mid pouch is large enough to hold full-sized travel-sided products so feel free to pack all your self-care, hair care, and beauty essentials with you for the trip!

3. Travel Essentials

Keep travel documents and IDs close at hand while on the go in our Mini Hip Pack!

Our Mini Hip Pack is the ideal travel buddy. Keep your hands free and your day-to-day essentials close by. Not only is it our favorite travel accessory, you’ll also love using the Mini Hip Pack on hikes and errands around town! This Splash-Proof bag will keep your belongings protected and dry during all of your adventures!

4. Tech Organization

Keep your tech and cords in check with a small pouch.

Small pouches from ALOHA Collection are great for organizing tech. Stash your cords, adapters, charging cables, and power banks in a small pouch to keep them in one safe and easy to find spot. You'll have no trouble finding them mid-flight or in your hotel room, and bonus: you’ll arrive tangle-free!

5. Everyday Tote

The Day Tripper Tote doubles as a carry-on inflight and as a beach or pool bag.

Traveling light is easy with our versatile, lightweight, packable Day Tripper tote. Use one as your carry-on bag for air travel, or pack along in your suitcase to use once you arrive. Looking for the best beach bag? We have you covered. With an expandable zipper top enclosure, your belongings will stay protected, and you'll have more than enough room for everything you need to pack for the perfect beach day.

6. Baby Essentials

Got kids? Organize your Diaper bag essentials with Day Tripper Tote and pouches.

We have the perfect diaper bag and a place to keep all your diaper bag essentials organized with our Day Tripper tote and Splash-Proof pouches. The Day Tripper features a spacious interior that can hold everything you need for an outing with baby such as swaddle blankets, extra diapers, and even a breast pump. Toss in a few Splash-Proof pouches to keep other baby essentials like wipes, a change of clothes, bottles, and binkies organized. Bonus? Our totes and pouches are Splash-Proof and machine-washable!

7. Travel Laundry Bag

Don’t let your clean and dirty laundry mingle in your suitcase.

We never leave on vacation without packing an extra MAX pouch to stow our dirty laundry. Separate your worn outfits along the way into a MAX pouch to keep your clean items separate from your dirty ones and your suitcase smelling clean and fresh. Trust us: this travel laundry bag hack will be your new travel essential!

8. Wet Dry Bag

Save it for a rainy day: Keep your dry stuff dry during a light shower.

Does the forecast call for rain? With ALOHA's Splash-Proof travel bags, you won't have to worry about wet weather! You can keep your phone and wallet safe in a mini hip pack or a small pouch in case of a light rain shower.

9. Workout Gear

Don’t break a sweat with our gym-bag must-haves.

Stow your damp and sweaty athletic wear in our Max pouches after a HIIT workout or Bikram yoga session. You can also use them to pack a change of clothes to go from cardio barre to cocktail bar. With our lightweight duffle bags, you can carry everything you need for a gym session. Wear a mini hip pack when you work out outdoors! Hands-free hiking, running, jogging, and walking will allow you to carry essentials like keys, cards, and snacks without missing your stride.

10. Dive + Snorkel Gear

Stow your mask and dive gear after a day in the water.

Our MAX Pouches are perfect for storing your beach gear all in one place. You can pack your dive mask, fins, and snorkel in your suitcase so you can avoid having to rent gear on vacation. The MAX pouch will also keep your dry items safe after a dive or snorkel session.

11. Stylish Clutch

Stay cocktail-proof on your beach to bar adventures.

We love using our ALOHA as a statement piece for any outfit. Our fun prints bring a whole look together and our easy-to-clean bags are perfect for any spill during a night out.

12. Wet Bikini Bag

Stow damp swimwear and transition smoothly from pool to plane.

Make the transition from pool to plane a breeze by storing your wet bikini in a pouch! Our wet dry bags are the perfect solution to a potentially soggy suitcase.

13. Hiking

Strap on a Mini Hip Pack for a hands-free adventure.

How did we ever hike without a Mini Hip Pack? Keep your phone, sunscreen, and wallet handy. Our crossbody bags are the perfect adventure buddy, great for long hikes or even just a quick walk around the block.

14. Makeup Pouch

Our small pouch will keep your beauty game leak-proof.

Our small pouch doubles as the perfect cosmetic bag! Keep your beauty essentials all in one place, in a leak-proof pouch that looks cute too! ALOHA pouches are easy to clean when life gets messy.

15. Life’s Unexpected Adventures

You never know when you’ll need to pull over for a dip in a waterfall or set sail on a sunset cruise.

The best part about our bags is they are multi-functional, Splash-Proof and stylish! They can be used for just about anything. From a last-minute surf check to a night out on the town, the possibilities are endless!