Five Years of ALOHA | ALOHA Collection

Hauʻoli Lā Hānau ALOHA Collection!

Humble Beginnings

Ten years ago, fate (aka Craigslist) brought two friends together. Five years ago, a twist of fate brought them back together again.  Rachael, broken (literally broken foot and broke from not being able to fly), and Heather who found herself in a volatile real estate market, were both dreaming of something bigger.

ALOHA Collection started with a single bag, a shared dream, and a Kickstarter campaign.  With $2000 each, a bit of magic, and a handshake, ALOHA Collection was on its way.

Match Made in Paradise

What do you get when you cross an international flight attendant who dreamed of starting a business with an international business major who had never taken a long-distance flight but dreamed of travel? A Match made in paradise.

After five years of ALOHA, Rachael and Heather have not only created a thriving business, they have built an international Ohana.

Today, ALOHA Collection has grown into a true lifestyle brand that has expanded into totes, hip packs, duffles, and apparel now sold in over 20 countries.

From Our Founders:

“We value family and we consider our team and our customers to be an extension of our Ohana. We value friendship.  We value community. We travel with open hearts, curious minds, and adventurous spirits.

When we see you carrying our bags, it feels like running into an old friend.  Next time you see us on the road, be sure to say hello or ALOHA! You never know where a simple ALOHA can lead you.

We want our dream to inspire yours!”


Heather and Rachael