#StyleYourALOHA: Day to Night | ALOHA Collection


Black and White from Day to Night

Say ALOHA to our friend and style blogger Jacqueline Greve (@stylehawking)

She’s sharing her go-to tips on how to create an effortless day-to-night look with our classic black and white Pinstripe Collection. Get inspired as Jacqueline styles her ALOHA throughout her day.

“The attitude to rock it is what makes an outfit look good. It’s all about how you feel!”



I am all about being cozy on my walks with friends. I wear my hip pack to keep my hands free and carry around my doggie essentials: treats, bags, and keys.

ALOHA: Pinstripe Mini Hip Pack - White on Black

Outfit details: Hat: Lack of Color, Top & Jeans: AgoldE


Casual is my thing, so grabbing what I need and heading out the door to have tea with friends means using my pouch and a hat to get me through the first part of the day.

ALOHA: Small Pinstripe Pouch - White on Black, Mini Pinstripe Pouch - Black

Outfit details: Rolla’s Top, Levi’s cords, Hat: Lack of color


Believe it or not, one of my favorite hobbies is running errands. I use the Day Tripper tote for all my big hauls—grocery shopping, beach days, or when I need to pick up items for a photo shoot. I’m all about using less plastic these days, so it saves me from using unnecessary single use bags. Plus, it hides my new shopping purchases from my husband, it’s a win-win.

ALOHA: Pinstripe Day Tripper - White on Black

Outfit details: Top: Rolla’s, Jacket: Anine Bing, Jeans: Mother denim, Boots: Matisse


Exercise is so important to me. I love carrying the MAX pouch to hold all my gym essentials: spin shoes, extra socks, clean top for after and some face wipes. It also holds all my dirty stuff so I am not dropping it on my way out.

ALOHA: MAX Pinstripe Pouch - White on Black

Outfit details: Outfit: Lululemon, Shoes: Adidas


Did I also mention I am the clumsiest person in the world? Thank God my hip pack is water and ice cream proof. This vegan ice cream from Salt & Straw was worth it!

ALOHA: Pinstripe Mini Hip Pack - Black

Outfit details: Top: Stillwater, Jeans: Mother Denim, Sunnies: Karen walker


I never know what my plans are, so throwing something easy on and grabbing my mini pouch for a spontaneous girls night makes my life so much easier. Keeps all my essentials: lipstick, wallet, phone, and keys organized. Bonus? They’re also cocktail-proof!

ALOHA - Mid Pinstripe Pinstripe - White on BlackMini Pinstripe Pouch - Black, Small Pinstripe Pouch - Black

Outfit details: Top: Stone cold fox, Skirt: RealizationPar, Jacket: Madewell, Shoes: Madewell

Q&A with Jacqueline

The stylist behind @stylehawking

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A:  I’m Jacqueline, I started Style Hawking four years ago as a creative outlet. I have always loved creating and fashion, so when the opportunity came up to mix both, I just went for it.


Q: What’s your favorite travel destination?

A: Mexico! I consider it a second home at this point. I love it when you can find a place outside your hometown that feels like home. It’s the one place that I can truly chill out, have some tequila and just be at the beach all day. My husband and I just got married in Todos Santos and took a two-week honeymoon down in Cabo.

Q: What is your favorite ALOHA bag?

A: I love the mini pouch. I travel with these, use them as my clutch when I am running around doing errands or going out with friends. It holds all my essentials: wallet, gum, lipstick, and phone. I am accident prone by nature, so something that I can drop or get dirty and protect my stuff is always a plus.

Q: What are 3 words you would use to describe your style?

A: Casual, classic, and comfortable. 
I like clothes that make me feel good. It’s too easy these days to fall for the fast trends, so finding pieces that are timeless and classic allow me to wear them year-round and makes me always feel put together. Having neutrals and a few key pieces makes getting dressed easier because everything will go with everything.

Q: What’s your favorite era in fashion?

A: I have two! The 70’s and the 90’s. Maybe I am biased because I grew up in the 90’s, but I love that baggy, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen style combined with the hippie chic style of the 70’s. Throwing on a t-shirt and jeans is my go-to uniform.

Q: What are some of your fashion must-haves?

A:  My must haves:

  • Boyfriend, light-wash denim

  • A good black blazer (I love my Anine Bing blazer - worth the splurge)

  • White tee (I own 700 white t-shirts, all different in their own way and all necessary)

  • A good pair of black wash denim

  • Jean shorts

  • An oversized sweater

Being able to pair all my items with everything makes getting dressed so much easier and you know you will always love what you put on. Find those key pieces that give you that confidence you feel when you wear that new top you’ve been wanting forever. That and the attitude to rock it is what makes an outfit look good. It’s all about how you feel!