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  • How to Style Your Pareo

    Wearing a pareo is a tradition shared around the world. In Samoa a pareo is called a lavalava, in Papua New Guinea a lap-lap, in Bali a sarong, in Brazil a canga, and throughout the Cook Islands a pāreu or pareo. There are d...

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  • Behind the Design: Skye Walker

    As both a friend of ALOHA Collection and a Mizu Ambassador, Skye Walker drew the hibiscus artwork that brought our new Mizu x ALOHA Collection Travel Set to life. Rachael (co-founder of ALOHA Collection) and Skye became frie...

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  • ALOHA's Tips for Working Remote

    The ALOHA team is scattered all around the country. From Big Island, to Kauaʻi, to California and beyond! Since travel is in our DNA, working on the road is a given. Here are our teams best tips and tricks that we put to th...

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