TAHITI - Behind the Scenes

April 16 2020


When Jennifer Binney said "Tahiti," we said, "Yes please!"  We packed our bags and gathered a crew. First stop Honolulu, next stop Papeete.


With its crystal clear lagoons, white sandy beaches, remote motus, lush palm jungles, and beautiful people, Tahiti overtook our senses and captured our hearts.


And God said, "Let there be waterfalls." 

Pro tip: Make sure you have a 4WD when driving on dirt roads looking for these waterfalls. And be sure to make it out in time to take in the beautiful Tahitian sunset.

DAY TWO: Welcome to Mo'orea, but First Food

Don’t miss Moorea Food Adventures with Heimata Hall. We sure didn’t!

Fun Fact: Baguettes are a big deal here.  Baguettes were once delivered fresh daily to bread “mailboxes” throughout Tahiti.  Fitting for “French” Polynesia.

DAY THREE: We’re on a Boat! A Day in the Lagoon Life with Enjoy Boat Tours Moorea 

Talent needed: Must swim with sharks, befriend stingrays, and work well with others. 
Take notes from Ming Nomchong: Never work from a deserted motu without a cold Hinano nearby


DAY FOUR: Mo'orea on Land 

Fun Fact: Mount Tohivea, Mo'orea’s iconic mountain peak, has inspired many artists including Paul George Lawler who captured Mount Tohivea in his 1938 advertisement for Pan American Airlines “Fly to South Seas Isles via Pan American”.

DAY FIVE: Here Comes the Rain / Exploring Mo'orea 

After four fortuitous sunny days, the thunderstorms rolled in and down came the rain (and by down we mean torrential downpour).  We did as the Mooreans do and broke out the rosé and Poisson Cru! 


As the saying goes, you never truly know someone until you travel with them. Spending a week with this crew made us family.

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  • Mary Herrik Moltz: April 17, 2020

    Your designs and prints reflect the lovely

    essence of the Tahiti I envision. They highlighted

    the handsome people, the haunting beauty of the

    islands, pretty flora and the diverse scenes of

    mountains to inviting beaches. Mahalo

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