ALOHA's 4 Tote Types | ALOHA Collection

A good tote bag is one of the most practical items a person can own, so if you are deciding which ALOHA tote is right for you, we're here to help! For some, a simple silhouette is all they need, while others will love our larger capacity totes for heavy hauling.

Each tote in our lineup is multi-functional, versatile, washable, and water-resistant, so whether you're going from beach to bar, workout to weekend, or taking the kids around town, we have a bag to fit your lifestyle. Read on to meet our totes!

Reversible Tote

Our Reversible Tote is the smallest tote in the ALOHA lineup, but don’t let its simplicity fool you, if you're looking for a bag you can take just about anywhere, this is it! The ultra-lightweight Reversible Tote is perfect for everyday use or for those days you don't want to carry a purse or backpack. Use it to run quick errands like grocery shopping, hitting the farmer’s market, or a trip to an amusement park.

The Reversible Tote features two sturdy straps, a zipper-free top, and an inner zip pocket that allows for easy access to items you want to take in and out like keys, wallets, or phones. Bonus? It’s reversible so it’s like having two bags in one!

Let’s not forget the travelers out there. Its packability factor makes this a must-have bag for travel thanks to its compact size. The Reversible Tote is small enough to fold up and pack into your suitcase or carry-on, and big enough to fit sightseeing essentials like a refillable water bottle, a light jacket or sweater, an external battery charger, and a camera.

How I use my Reversible Tote:

“I recently traveled internationally and upon arrival, found out that the airline lost all of our checked bags. Thankfully, I had packed my Reversible Tote into my small carry-on so even though the purse I had packed for the trip never arrived, I was able to use it as a backup for the entire trip. I wore it day and night for three weeks as we traveled around Greece and France so it literally pulled triple duty as a beach bag, a nighttime handbag, and a sightseeing bag. It was SO great to have the two different designs to choose from too. When I wanted to switch things up all I had to do was reverse it and voilá, an instant style refresh! I also discovered that this tote easily fits a baguette, a parcel of beautifully wrapped cheeses from a fromagerie, and a nice bottle of French red wine, so if you find yourself in Paris, take note!”

- Jen @ ALOHA

Day Tripper Tote

Our Day Tripper tote is a bestseller for a reason-it’s versatility! This do-anything, go-anywhere bag is a powerhouse when it comes to function thanks to our signature Splash-Proof material and design. Our special technical material will keep your stuff protected against splashes, spills, and weather while you go from point A to point B.

Take it to the beach, carry it on a flight, or use it as your diaper bag! This tote features thick straps for carrying heavier loads, an expandable zip-top enclosure so you can pack it to capacity, and two zippered pockets, inside and out, to keep smaller items organized. For those looking for the best beach bag, the Day Tripper cannot be beaten. It will hold anything and everything you need for a day at the beach including towels, sunscreen, a portable speaker, and the perfect beach read.

This tote is also Mom-approved! Over the years, we’ve perfected the art of packing the perfect diaper bag, and after baby-testing the Day Tripper all over the world, we can vouch that this bag is the perfect companion. Its expandable zip-top is great for longer hauls to maximize space and on the go, while its exterior and interior zip pockets act as storage for smaller items like bibs, baby wipes, and binkies organized and accessible.

How I use my Day Tripper Tote:

"Used this on a recent trip to Hawaii & it was used every way possible. Airport carry-on bag, groceries on the island, beach bag and even use it to take my food to work. Love the expandable top with the zipper. Held two beach towels, SPF, our water bottles and other pouches with clothes, keys phones and wallets. Literally everything we could need for the day."

- Krysten D.

Holo Holo Tote

You can fit just about anything in the Holo Holo tote! Our largest and widest silhouette features an open-top design, two ultra-sturdy nylon handles for hauling larger loads, and two zip pockets, located on the interior and exterior of the bag, to keep your things ultra-organized.

The Holo Holo tote not only has great function, but it’s also reversible, so it’s like having two bags in one! If you are looking for a bag you can put your entire life into, this is it. The Holo Holo also has a 16.5% larger holding capacity than the Day Tripper tote, so you’ll never have to worry about having enough space again. Its zipper-free open-top is useful for day trips when you might have large beach towels peeking out the top and allows you to haul oversized items like larger beach blankets, water-proof speakers, and beach toys across the sand.

Going somewhere? The spacious Holo Holo tote is destined to become your fave travel companion. Since it’s like having two totes in one, you’ll save on valuable packing space for plane rides and road trips. You can board your flight with the Holo Holo as a carry-on, then transition it into a day bag or beach bag on vacation.

Make trips to the grocery store easier and lead a more sustainable lifestyle by ditching the plastic bags at checkout with the Holo Holo as your go-to reusable grocery bag! t’s ultra-portable and foldable, so you can pack it into your purse and its durable construction can handle your heaviest of groceries.


How I use my Holo Holo Tote:

"Another addition to my Holo Holo collection. Perfect for the beach, shopping and everything else. Love this print and how easy to clean."
- Ruth V.

The Zipper Tote

Carry on, tote around, and travel light with our original Zipper Tote. If you’re looking for a bag that is functional for everyday use, this tote is definitely for you! From day trips and overnights, beach days, and pool parties, to trips to the gym, our Zipper Tote will lighten your load with its just spacious-enough interior designed to hold all of your daily essentials.

Features a simple zip-top enclosure to secure belongings on the go, and two zip pockets, located on the exterior and interior of the bag, to stow smaller items for easy access-think passports and earbuds inflight or your sunnies and lip balm at the beach or pool.

Keep it simple, inflight or on the road, and use the Zipper Tote for quick flights, overnights, and day trips. This bag and can easily fit a change of clothes, a small toiletry bag, and other small items on your packing list.

If the beach is your destination of choice, this lightweight tote is a great beach bag option to haul a pareo, your cellphone, a lightweight speaker, and an e-reader.

Our wet-dry material will protect everything inside from sand and saltwater. This bag is also great for toting to the pool, especially if kids are at play! Your gear will stay protected from unruly splashes so you can sunbathe in peace.

How I use my Zipper Tote:

"I love this bag so much I bought a second one for when the first one wears out. Transitions well from the grocery store to the office to the beach. Great for traveling because it's super lightweight and easy to clean. Classic print goes well with fun and serious occasions."
- Charlotte H.

Which Tote Are You?

We hope this guide has helped you decide which of our totes is best for you! With so many bags on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options out there, so just remember that the perfect tote should fit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re commuting to work or traveling with kids, hitting the beach, or hitting the gym, our bags will get you there in Splash-Proof style.