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Eimeo Ahiri


Our EIMEO x ALOHA collab was born out of friendship and a love for beautiful patterns! ABOUT EIMEO:An ode to Polynesian feminine energy, EIMEO Clothing was created to reveal the natural elegance of Tahitian women in the most authentic vintage Polynesian style. EIMEO founder Moehau Aumerand is a local vahine (woman in Tahitian) who has always lived not too far from her home island Eimeo or Mo'orea as we call it today. The retro-tropical ambiance of Mo'orea inspires the mood of EIMEO collections which feature very light and soft fabric with exclusive prints and timeless designs. Eimeo's clothes range from beachwear to evening outfits and unique Polynesian muʻumuʻu to casual wear.

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