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Love my Day Tripper

I actually call this my EVERYday Tripper. I love your bags and use them as my everyday purse. As a mom of two boys who are in sports I take this bag everywhere and it fits everything in it. I also love taking it to concerts and sporting events because I zip all my pockets and don't have to worry about anyone spilling on it. It isa splash proof from everything.


This bag is so versatile! I love keeping things splash proof and organized! This pattern/design reminds me of a beach club and make me happy every time I see it. I actually keep it out on my bathroom counter so I see it every day!


This tote is amazing! Perfect for everything! Beach, shopping and for going out!

Love love it

I love this bag! I use it every week for my beach day! It’s light and has plenty little pockets for your phone, keys, money ...
highly recommend it!

Love all aloha

I cannot say enough good things about aloha collection bags. I have three max bags, six three? Mid size bags, four small bags and a mini! I would say I have a problem but these are so useful for everything. I use the max bags for packing clothes and the smaller bags for bikinis, foundations, and toiletries. I bring them on the boat to ensure my stuff stays dry and never worry! Looove love

Love My Aloha Collection Collection

I have several pieces that I absolutely love. The minis are perfect for carrying essential oils.🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

Best Bag Ever!

I get so many compliments on this print! It’s perfect for the beach with the kids! I put their wet bathing suits in it after the pool and beach. It’s so perfect because it doesn’t get anything else wet in my bag. The Mid is the perfect size for all the bathing suits. Plus this print is so pretty!!!!

Las Vegas March 2019

This bag right here I took to the pool and received the most comments on its quality and colorful design while on a family trip. I shared the website information with anyone interested. Best bags ever!! Can’t wait to purchase more!!


I have three sizes. The small for bike riding, medium for yoga, and large for the beach! Awesome!!!

Camera pouch

Been using the white aloha pouch for my camera. Fits perfectly! Love it.

Love this bag

Use my bag everyday. Love the pockets. Very well made.

A Little Piece of Hawaii

Love this bag so much. Easy to take places and super cute. I was worried the zipper would get stuck but it never has! Perfect for a beach/pool day or airport traveling. Nice, classic colors to go with lots of outfits too! A must have!

Baby Approved!

Used the Daytripper in Rose Gold Palms for traveling to Maui for the weekend. Love that it’s kid friendly and can withstand the spills and rugs from my baby! Perfect pouches for diapers, whipes, and snacks! It makes perfect gifts for all ages!

More hot pink than salmon!

The zipper color is closer to Hot pink than salmon like it looks in the photo. I still love my new tote bag! It’s super lightweight and everything stayed dry and SAND FREE at the beach! I also plan to use it for travel! This was my first aloha collection purchase but there will definitely be more! Happy customer!

Traveling with my Aloha bag

I love my Aloha bag. It’s light, durable and stylish. I’ve traveled with my Aloha bag to several places already and it’s held up great. Recently I took it with me to Puerto Rico, Haiti and St. Maarten. It was a perfect traveling bag for me. Excited to get the new duffle bag for when I go to the gym! Thank you aloha Collection!

Beautiful & Perfect

Not only is this a beautiful bag, I love the feeling of the fabric, the sturdy zipper, and the nice large max size. I ended up using this to store my Dyson hairdryer and it could not be more perfect!!! For home storage and travel. These pouches are the best. ♥️👌🏻


I brought my mini hip pack (together with my Sage collaboration pouch) to South India and the Andaman Islands. Both got used so much! My hip pack went absolutely everywhere with me, and the pouch housed all my sunscreens. What amazing things they are!

I loooove my Aloha pouches!

I’m on an airplane twice per month (at least), and I take these pouches with me on every. single. trip. Whether it’s a weekend on Maui or two months in rural India, these high performing Aloha bags get my stuff to and from and in between—dry, safe and CUTE. I love them so much I wrote a blog about them: www.skkYOGA.com/blog/2019/travel-like-a-yogi-part-2

In love!

I was in search for a pouch to carry all of my reusables in. Reusable mug, utensils, straw, napkins... all together in this gorgeous pouch! Lightweight and perfect for travel!

I love it!!!! ❤️

The second one I purchase. I also got the white one whit the palms trees print too. The are super cute. I use them to go roller blades!! Perfect for my car key, phone and credit card.

Best Maui complain!🌺

I was stopped by many people to either tell me they loved my fanny pack or to ask were I got it. It was perfect for beaching and exploring!❤️🌺

Diaper Bag/Everyday bag

I use my tote bag as a diaper bag! I have a tote savvy that fits perfectly in my aloha bag and it’s the best! Water proof and lightweight on my shoulders!

So much space

Perfect for packing, a beach day, or just about anything else you may desire to carry around. Super cute and soft yet durable. Love all my Aloha bags

Great bag!

I love this bag. It's snow season here. So when I change out of my damp clothes after a long day on the slopes, I throw them (socks, underwear, sports bra, thermal top & bottom, shirt or thin sweatshirt, and buff/scarf) in here and they fit perfectly. It's so nice for me not to worry about them getting all of my other clothes damp. Definitely a win!!