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March 15 2021

Like most travelers, our team has our sights set on the next big adventure! Our passports are in hand and suitcases are on standby as we wait for the green light to book our dream vacation. We have a saying here at ALOHA, "DREAM BIG" so we're doing just that and sharing with you the first destinations we plan to visit! Follow us as we envision empty line-ups, quiet streets, and the wonder of a new place! 


Evelyn, Sales Director

Since I can remember I have been dreaming of Scorpion Bay! I just LOVE everything about Mexico. From the yummy food to the vibrant colors, to the friendly people - it’s the perfect destination, especially for a quick surf trip! The water is warm and the waves are clean. Growing up surfing right points, I know Scorpion Bay will be everything I have ever dreamed of and so much more! 

What Ev Packs:
For surf trips I always pack multiple MAX pouches. They are the BEST for organizing and separating all of my surf gear. From fins to sunscreen to LOTS of one-pieces, every item is in its special place :) 


Caroline, Lead Graphic Designer

At the top of my long list of places I dream about is Copenhagen. It might not have the allure of tropical beaches or warm weather, but it does have beautiful architecture and an incredible food scene. More importantly, it has my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, who I have not been able to see in far too long! I look forward to spending time with my grandparents out in the backyard and wandering around the pedestrian streets with my cousins. Copenhagen is also a great place for designers. There is so much inspiration in the old and new architecture, unique Nordic cuisine, Scandinavian fashion, and innovative art and design. I spent a lot of my childhood in Denmark but haven’t spent much time there as an adult. I’m excited to get back and explore all the unique bars and restaurants!


Alana, Senior Sales Coordinator 

An unplugged getaway, without the hassle of airport security and layovers, that’s what my dreams are made of these days. With a crawling baby and an iPad-loving kindergartener in tow, Ojai is the perfect escape to experience nature's magic without all of the fuss. I dream of glamping at Caravan Outpost in a vintage Airstream while unwinding under the stars in this calming vortex. Days filled with hiking, bike rides, olive oil tasting, and maybe a stopover at a winery sound like heaven to me. I definitely will be sneaking away for some spa time at the Ojai Valley Inn. An Ojai adventure that's a mind, body, and soul retreat for the whole family.

What Alana Packs:

My favorite bag is the Painted Birds Holo Holo which is always packed with my essentials: snacks, water, diapers, pareo, sunscreen, and probably a few small pouches. The Holo Holo is the perfect size for easy access during an afternoon picnic. 


Heather, Co-founder 

I have been dreaming of going to Italy again! The romance of sipping a spritz on the grand canal in Venice, the charming magical city of Florence with all of its art and culture, biking and wine tasting through the green hills of Tuscany, eating at my favorite restaurants in Rome and driving down the Amalfi coast with its jaw-dropping views… I love everything about La Dolce Vita and I cannot wait to experience it again!

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  • Sonia Vargas: March 24, 2021

    Aloha, I can wait to go back to Indonesia. I have been traveling there since 1991 and haven’t missed a year since. Well, I do last year due to covid. As soon as their borders are open I am out of here!!! Can’t wait to hop on a plane and see my Bali Hui! Catch some waves at Uluwatu, eat at Single Fin, who shopping at Seminyak, etc. My bag will be full with all my aloha bags to keep it organized. Looking forward to travel again .

  • Roz Rapozo: March 24, 2021

    I am fortunate to have a small group of friends that sail in different parts of the world for the last 23 years! One of the women in our crew is a certified boat captain so we lease our own boat, design our course and sail away for a couple weeks!
    With the pandemic in 2020 our last planned sail in New Caledonia was canceled but we’ve rescheduled to 2022. This year we’re off to Belize, a new destination of islands we’re excited to explore by sea!

    I have various size bags from the Aloha collection I always travel with and have gifted many friends as well. One of my favorites is the hip pack, fits my basic needs, super light, beautiful designs and protects against water splashes.

    Travel safely with Aloha🌸

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