Muʻumuʻu Month Talk Story | ALOHA Collection

January is Muʻumuʻu Month and we’re celebrating by sitting down with a few of our favorite muʻu collectors! Our journey begins on the island of Kauaʻi with Shannon Hiramoto, owner of MachineMachine and founder of Muʻumuʻu Month, a month-long challenge to wear a muʻumuʻu everyday!

Next we hop over to Honolulu to take a peek at fashion enthusiast, Meleana Estes, collection of rare and classic muʻu for tips on how to elevate your vintage pieces with a modern twist.

For our final stop we head over to the home of Janu Cassidy, lifelong collector and Owner of Radio Hula Vintage. Janu’s collection of one-of-a-kind thrifted finds filled with bold patterns and vibrant color showcases the best of the 50s, 60s and 70s!

Our biggest mahalo to our fellow muʻu lovers for allowing us to take a special look into their collections and further deepening our appreciation of Hawaii’s most beloved garment - the muʻumuʻu!

Shannon Hiramoto - Founder of Muʻumuʻu Month, Owner of @MachineMachine.
Watch to hear more about the origins of Muʻumuʻu Month and how Shannon plans to keep the history of muʻu alive!

Meleana Estes - Lei Maker and Stylist @meleana_hawaii
Not sure how to style your muʻu? Take a tip from our chicest friend and stylist, Meleana!

Janu Cassidy - Owner of @radiohula, Lifelong Collector 
Janu is bringing awareness to fashion from bygone days one muʻu at a time! Take a peek at her one of a kind collection!

Photographer & Videographer: Nani Welch Keliʻihoʻomalu
Song Credits: Dancing in the Rain- Makena; Andy Morris