Small ALOHA Wellness Saje x ALOHA Pouch

$ 52.95


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Take your essentials with you when you’re on the move. Keep a cool head, soothe your hands and soften your lips with these plant-based blends curated in our limited edition Saje x ALOHA Collection Splash-Proof bag.

The Small Pouch: Beach to Bar, Pool to Plane, or Boat to Dock

  • Your favorite bikini bag, made to keep your wet stuff separate and your dry stuff dry, so pack your bags! 
  • Ultimate leak free make-up bag
  • Made out of a special technical material to keep your stuff protected against splashes, spills, and weather while you go from point A to point B
  • Use all day at the beach or pool, then take it out on the town to use as a cute clutch
  • Measures:  8" across x 1.5" wide x 6.5" tall

     Includes Saje Peppermint Halo® Oil Blend (0.2 fl oz | 6 ml), Saje Healing Hands Lotion (1 fl oz | 30 ml) and Saje Citrus Kiss Lip Balm (0.16 oz | 1.5 g).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Completely addicted to the peppermint halo.

    Love the babe but the products from Saje are amazing. I’ve ordered more oil from them now. Never enough.

    Really happy with this purchase

    I bought this before a long road trip through the desert. The lip balm is heavenly and totally kept my lips in fantastic condition throughout the journey. The hand creme is light and absorbs easily giving my hands a soft feel. The product that most surprised me was the peppermint roll. I LOVE using this, it somehow both energizes me and provides relaxation. The small Aloha bag this all came in is perfect for toiletries, the waterproof works very well in public shower stalls! It also was great to use as a clutch for nights out that I did not want to bother with a purse.

    Good buy!

    Not only are you getting a cute Aloha bag that’s good for all your essentials, the Saje products smell so good and the lip balm is like butter 😚

    Cute succulent print!

    Love ALOHA bags and the Saje products as well, succulent bag is adorbs!

    "special technical material"

    I guess I had unrealistic expectations. I thought I would get a canvas or cotton bag lined with waterproof material. Instead, this "special technical material" is thin and crinkly. The aloe print looks a lovely dark blue-green on my computer screen but turns out to be a dull yellow-green. Inside is 1oz of hand lotion (quite nice), a lip balm (quite nice) and .2oz of peppermint oil (really?). The two stars are for adding these items. The bag should be much nicer for $53.

    We are so sorry you are not pleased with your purchase. Our small ALOHA Collection pouches retail for $32. This limited edition kit with Saje Wellness plant-based curated essentials is $53 because of the added items. We make our products out of coated Tyvek® by Dupont making our bags functional, lightweight, durable, Splash-Proof, and perfect for travel. Please contact aloha@aloha-collection.com. We are more than happy to refund you.