Frequently Asked Questions

What are ALOHA Collection pouches used for?

ALOHA Collection pouches are perfect to stow damp swimsuits, active wear post workout, accident-prone toiletries when traveling, make-up, and are most commonly used as a fun clutch!  Our favorite use is for suitcase organization.


What makes ALOHA Collection pouches different? 

Our fabric was specially developed to be as soft as it is functional.  It is lightweight, waterproof, and infused with love from our OHANA.



SPLASH PROOF is the next best thing to waterproof!  Your belongings will be protected from a light splash, light rain, a cocktail spillage, but please do not submerge your ALOHA Collection pouch with belongings inside.


Are ALOHA Collection pouches waterproof? 

No. The technical fabric is waterproof, however the zipper and seams are not watertight.  


How do I care for my ALOHA? 

Hand wash, Hang dry.


What's the deal with shipping? 

Orders over $50 ship free within the USA (Hawaii, Alaska and the Mainland) Please allow 3-10 business days for delivery.

Orders under $50 ship at $4. Please allow 3-10 business days for delivery. 

International shipping is $30. Please allow 10-20 business days for delivery. The customer is solely responsible for all duties and import taxes. 


HOLIDAY SHIPPING: Due to high order volume and carrier delays, shipping may be delayed during the months of November and December.

*Please note: estimated shipping times above may not apply during peak seasons.



What is the Frequent Flyer Program?

The Frequent Flyer program is ALOHA Collection’s rewards program where you can earn points (ALOHA Miles) to cash in for discounts on your next order!


How do I earn ALOHA Miles (points)?

When you join the Frequent Flyer program, you'll earn ALOHA Miles when you purchase eligible ALOHA Collection products! The amount of Miles you earn are based on your membership tier:

  1. Premier members earn 1 ALOHA Mile for every $1.00 USD spent.
  2. Business Class members earn 1.5 ALOHA Miles for every $1.00 USD spent.
  3. First Class members earn 2 ALOHA Miles for every $1.00 USD spent.


Do my ALOHA Miles (points) expire?

ALOHA Miles expire after 12 months of inactivity. Inactivity refers to customers who have not earned or redeemed any Miles within the time frame. We will do our best to remind you if your points are about to expire, but it’s your responsibility to monitor your account and ALOHA Miles status. Your VIP tier is determined by the amount you spend on eligible products within a rolling 12-month period, beginning with your first purchase made on or after 3/18/2021. 


What can I redeem my ALOHA Miles for?

You can redeem ALOHA Miles for discounts on future orders! Save up your ALOHA Miles to cash them in for the following discount offers: 

  • 100 ALOHA Miles = $10.00 USD off
  • 200 ALOHA Miles = $20.00 USD off 
  • 400 ALOHA Miles = $40.00 USD off


I activated my Frequent Flyer account after placing my first order. Did I still earn ALOHA Miles?

Yes, you still earned your miles if your order was placed on or after 3/18/2021! The ALOHA Miles earned on an order are automatically recorded to the account associated with the email address used on the order. As long as you create your account with the same email address used on your order, you should see your rewards when you login!


How do I redeem my ALOHA Miles?

When you're ready to redeem your ALOHA Miles, you can head to your account page where you’ll see your available rewards. Depending on your point balance, you will be able to access the following discount offers: 

  • 100 ALOHA Miles = $10.00 USD off
  • 200 ALOHA Miles = $20.00 USD off 
  • 400 ALOHA Miles = $40.00 USD off

To redeem your Miles, add items to your cart and go to the Checkout page. From the Checkout page, you'll be able to select your desired redemption amount from the drop-down on the right side of the screen. 


Can I earn ALOHA Miles without purchasing anything?

Yes! We offer lots of different opportunities to earn ALOHA Miles! Here are a few different ways you can earn them:

  • Create an account = 50 ALOHA Miles
  • Birthday bonus = 100 ALOHA Miles
  • Write a review = 20 ALOHA Miles (*Up to 40 ALOHA Miles per month or 2 reviews)
  • Follow us on Instagram = 20 ALOHA Miles
  • Follow us on Facebook = 20 ALOHA Miles
  • Refer a friend = 200 ALOHA Miles


    Where are my ALOHA Miles for following ALOHA Collection on Instagram or Facebook?

    In order to earn ALOHA Miles for following us on Instagram and Facebook, you will need to re-follow us through the link on our Frequent Flyer page. If you already follow us, all you need to do is click to re-follow through the link in the Ways to Earn grid.

    If you've followed these steps and your Miles are still not reflected on your account, please contact us at with your Instagram or Facebook handle. We'll verify your status and make sure your Miles are added to your account. 

    Who is eligible for the Buddy Pass?

    Any new customer is eligible for the Buddy Pass! Do you have friends who haven’t shopped with us before? Share a Buddy Pass with them! They’ll instantly receive $20 off their first order of $80, and you’ll receive 200 ALOHA Miles (equivalent to $20 in rewards Miles) once they’ve placed their order!

    Can I use my Buddy Pass discount during a sale?
    No, Buddy Pass discounts are not valid on orders that contain sale items. 

    Do ALOHA Collection gift cards count towards my Frequent Flyer rewards account?

    If you purchase a gift card you will earn ALOHA Miles for the gift card purchase. However, if you place an order using a gift card balance, you will only be awarded Miles for the portion of the order that you pay for.


    What happens to my ALOHA Miles if I make a return?

    When you return an item, you lose the associated ALOHA Miles you originally earned by buying the item. If you return an item using a rewards credit, you will get the reward Miles that you used to make that purchase back in your account.


    Can I redeem my Miles in combination with a discount code?

    No, you may not apply a discount code in addition to redeeming your ALOHA Miles. 

    Can I use ALOHA Miles on sale items?

    No, at this time you may not apply your ALOHA Miles on items that are already on sale. We apologize for the inconvenience!