Umbrella Stripe Zipper Tote in Royal

$ 58.00


Product Details

The Zipper Tote: Carry On, Tote Around, and Travel Light With Us

  • The perfect poolside tote to keep all of your belongings zipped up and dry
  • Made out of a special technical material to keep your stuff protected against splashes, spills, and weather while you go from point A to point B
  • Use at the beach to stash sunscreen, a pareo, and a change of clothes
  • Features a small zipper pocket on the outside for easy access to keys or phone, plus a hidden zipper pocket on the inside
  • Measures  20” across the top x 14.5” tall with a 6” gusset


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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

As a SERIOUS collector of this brand, I was waitin 4 the RIGHT print 2 come along B4 I ordered one of their tote bags! Then came this Royal Blue stripe, pairing my favorite color w/my favorite stripes! LVE!

I’ve been rocking a beach tote I bought from Whole Foods 4 quite awhile now, but everything kept fallin out of the open top! Also that über fine Lanikai sand kept blowing into my bag constantly—I was takin the whole beach home w/me! Now I’ve got this bag, & BOTH problems R solved! Yeah, U don’t want ur car keys falling out of ur beach bag @ Waimea Bay, either! HELLUR!?!

I was surprised by the amount of room in this lightweight bag, as well as it’s strength & durability! Weirdly, it matches EVERYTHING, even a red bikini! Da heck?! It’s becoming a “catch all” 4 my life & I’m stoked 2 ROCK it daily! Even when those Kailua rains hit randomly, everything is safe & secure inside the bag in my moped basket! Vroom!

When it’s full of wet beach gear from a SUP trip 2 the Moke’s, my leather car seat is protected! Awwww heck, i’m gonna have 2 buy another tote! One simply isn’t enough! Love that there’s enough prints 2 choose from! Seenhow I have white in this print, the other tote I order next will B dark w/some black in it! #strategy

And for the record, I didn’t know these zippered interior & exterior pockets wud make my life so much easier! I have a rechargeable battery for those extra long daaaaays I’m hiking the Pali w/my BFF Kat that fits in there perfectly! I was also concerned about my Bluetooth Braven speaker gettin wet while playin my dope TKB song list (helps keep the pace, Mama)! But the bag AND pockets R splashproof/semi waterproof too, manong! Kept that iPhone + battery dry, away from the other contents in my bag while scoping out the many Nu’uanu waterfalls! As no one wants sand, salt water or rain on their electronics!

LASTLY, if U have any doubts about goin TOTES McGOATS (as ur in love w/the original zip pouch bags), go ahead & buy...

LOVE! Bag is a lifesaver

I absolutely love this bag! I have used it as a carry on, a beach bag and as a tote bag for work (I’m a ‍ teacher). It was a lifesaver at the beach... started raining but it was no problem, kept my phone & my towel nice and dry. It also is very stylish. Could not recommend enough!

Gorgeous Color

Absolutely love this bag. I have several of the small zip pouches and this was my first tote baby and it did not disappoint. Super lightweight but durable and the color is a great blue. This also folds up small when empty so it is good to take on trips.

Great color

Love this tote with stripes please make it in more colors

Gift for friend

It was a gift for a friend and she loved it so much that she picked up a few more items!