Packing for Paradise

Posted on September 02 2016

T H E   L O G

September 1st, 2016


P A C K I N G   F O R   P A R A D I S E

Welcome to the first installment of “THE LOG.” Here at ALOHA Collection, our motto is to pack light, pack tight and pack right so for our first post, we’re going to show you how the founders of ALOHA Collection, Heather Aiu and Rachael Leina’ala, gear up (or should we say gear down) for island-hopping adventures in Hawaii!



H E A T H E R ' S   P A C K I N G   G U I D E

So stoked to share my tips with our ALOHA OHANA! I used to not think twice about over packing but with our extensive travel schedule, I’ve learned to lighten my load and only pack items that I know I’ll use or wear. There’s no room for extra baggage when you “travel light” with us! My #1 “paradise packing” guide must-have is, no surprise, a quiver of ALOHA bags! They help keep me ultra organized for trips that call for carrying-on, a must for quickie inter island flights. As for my gear, my complete list is below but you can usually find several dresses from Tiare Hawaii, an ALOHA tank and my One Teaspoon denim cutoffs. These staples have become my unofficial tropical travel uniform. Since most places in Hawaii have a casual atmosphere, I can easily go from day-to-night in one of these outfits. Havaianas are an island-hopping must and an ALOHA girl staple.  Catch the rest of my paradise packing selects below! Happy Islanding!


A L O H A   P O U C H E S

  • MAX white pouch/black ALOHA logo: day clothes
  • MAX Seafoam Coco Palms: evening + plane outfits
  • Mid-size Samudra Wailea: toiletries
  • Mid-size Black Waikiki Stripes: swimwear +sarong
  • Small Black Mermaid: electronics + cords
  • Small Black + Gold Pineapples: makeup
  • Small Samudra Wailea: sunscreen + moisturizer + hair care
  • Small Samudra Tulum: beach clutch + day-to-night purse with wallet, sunnies
  • Mini Island Hopper: hiking + beaching + catching planes

I S L A N D   H O P P I N G   E S S E N T I A L S




R A C H A E L ' S   P A C K I N G   G U I D E

As a former commercial and private flight attendant, I’ve become somewhat of a professional packer.  ALOHA Collection began with a prototype pouch I made for myself to stash my wet bikini in my suitcase.  These bags were literally created out of necessity to make travel better.  For island hopping, a sarong is a must-have and can be used for anything from a beach blanket to an inflight scarf to a casual dress to grab Mai Tais in at sunset.  I also don’t travel without my San Lorenzo suits. They’re made out of the most luxurious Lycra and I wear them daily.  I can’t wait to share more travel tips with you but we’ll save those for a future post.  For now, here are my island hopping selects.

A L O H A   P O U C H E S

MAX ocean Waikiki Stripes clothes:  a few tees, 2 dresses, a few tanks + shorts

  • Mid-size Original ALOHA: lingerie
  • Small Acai Fronds: swimwear
  • Small Black Fronds: make up bag
  • Mid Black Waikiki Coco Palms: toiletries
  • Small Jaguar: day to night clutch


I S L A N D   H O P P I N G   E S S E N T I A L S

 Do you have a must-have item you can’t island hop without? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below and be sure to get social with us!

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