15 Uses for ALOHA

February 14 2020

Here are some of our favorite ways to use our Splash-Proof ALOHA Collection bags! Go beyond the beach with our lineup of pouches, totes, Mini Hip Packs, and duffles!

Whether you’re looking to organize your suitcase, run errands hands-free, or carry a cute clutch from beach to bar, there is a wet-dry bag for every occasion!

1. Luggage Organization

Our MAX and mid pouches can be used as packing cubes inflight.

Upgrade your packing game by using ALOHA pouches as packing cubes in your suitcase. Easily organize your outfits, accessories, toiletries, dirty clothes, and tech gear in a few MAX and mid pouches for a weekend getaway or even a month-long trip! 

2. Toiletries

Prevent spillage and use our small and mid pouches as a toiletry bag.

Nobody likes spills! Avoid a leaky situation by keeping your oils, lotion, and toothpaste in a Splash-Proof ALOHA pouch. Our small and mid travel pouches are perfect for carrying your everyday essentials. 

3. Travel Essentials

Keep travel documents and IDs close at hand while on the go in our Mini Hip Pack!

Our Mini Hip Pack is the ideal travel buddy. Keep your hands free and your day-to-day essentials close by. Not only is it our favorite travel accessory, you’ll also love using the Mini Hip Pack on hikes and errands around town! This Splash-Proof bag will keep your belongings protected and dry during all of your adventures!

4. Tech Organization

Keep your tech and cords in check by stashing them in a small pouch.

ALOHA Collection pouches are great for organization. Stash your cords and chargers in a small pouch to keep them tangle-free! Storing your electronics in a few small pouches makes it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for! 

5. Everyday Tote

Our Day Tripper Tote can be used as a carry-on inflight then doubles as a beach or pool bag.

Our Day Tripper totes are super versatile! Packing light is essential during travel when an all-in-one bag comes in handy. Use our Day Trippers as your carry-on on your next vacay, or pack one in your suitcase to use once you arrive! Our Day Trippers make the best beach bags too. Take your tote to the beach and protect your belongings from splashes, sand, and sunscreen spills. 

6. Baby Essentials  

Got kids? Keep your parent duty essentials in our pouches and Day Tripper Totes.

Stock up on a tote and a few pouches, and your diaper bag will be dialed! Our pouches are great for organizing snacks, bibs, extra clothes, and diapers. Toss different pouches in a Splash-Proof tote to keep all your Mom on-the-go essentials organized and easy to find!

7. Travel Laundry Bag

Stow dirty laundry while traveling!

We never leave on vacay without packing an extra MAX Pouch to stow our dirty laundry. Keep your suitcase fresh by separating your worn outfits into a pouch along the way. Trust us: this laundry bag hack will be your new travel essential! 

8. Wet Dry Bag

Save it for a rainy day: Keep your dry stuff dry during a light shower.

Rain on the forecast? Not to worry, ALOHA’s Splash-Proof travel bags will keep your belongings dry! Keep your phone and wallet stashed in a mini hip pack or a small pouch and enjoy knowing that your essentials will be protected. 

9. Workout Gear 

Toss in sweaty athletic gear after class without skipping a beat!

Our Splash-Proof Pouches, Totes, Mini Hip Packs, and Duffles are great for any workout! Store your sweaty clothes in a mid pouch after your hot yoga or spin class, use a duffle to organize all your workout gear in one place, or grab a Mini Hip Pack for your next hike, dog walk, or run!  

10. Dive + Snorkel Gear

Stow your mask and dive gear after a day in the water.

Our MAX Pouches are perfect for storing your beach gear all in one place. Our Splash-Proof pouches keep your dry stuff dry and your wet stuff separate! 

11. Stylish Clutch

Stay cocktail-proof as your adventures go from beach to bar.

We love using our ALOHA as a statement piece for any outfit. Our fun prints bring a whole look together and our easy-to-clean bags are perfect for any spill during a night out. 

12. Wet Bikini Bag

Stow damp swimwear and transition smoothly from pool to plane.

Make the transition from pool to plane a breeze by storing your wet bikini in a pouch! Our wet dry bags are the perfect solution to a potentially soggy suitcase.  

13. Hiking

Strap on a Mini Hip Pack for a hands-free adventure.

How did we ever hike without a Mini Hip Pack? Keep your phone, sunscreen, and wallet handy. Our crossbody bags are the perfect adventure buddy, great for long hikes or even just a quick walk around the block. 

14. Makeup Pouch

Our small pouch will keep your beauty game leak-proof.

Our small pouch doubles as the perfect cosmetic bag! Keep your beauty essentials all in one place, in a leak-proof pouch that looks cute too! ALOHA pouches are easy to clean when life gets messy. 

15. Life’s Unexpected Adventures

You never know when you’ll need to pull over for a dip in a waterfall or set sail on a sunset cruise.

The best part about our bags is they are multi-functional, Splash-Proof and stylish! They can be used for just about anything. From a last-minute surf check to a night out on the town, the possibilities are endless! 


  • Susan Boyce: August 17, 2021

    I just bought the Indigo Coco Palms day tripper, small and mid pouches before my recent trip to Key West. I used the day tripper as a carry on and as a beach bag. I absolutely love all of them. I packed my suntan lotions in the mid pouch and took it out of my luggage and put it in the day tripper when I went to the beach and pool. I used the small pouch for other necessities. I love the zipper, 2 internal and one external pockets on the day tripper, so handy! These are so lightweight and yet very sturdy. I have been looking for the ultimate beach bag and finally found it! I had lots of people ask me about them too. These are now my favorite bags.

  • Elizabeth Anne Scollan: August 17, 2021

    I absolutely love my Aloha collection bags ! I have several and use them all the time . I also bought 3 or 4 bags for my Oldest Granddaughter for Christmas this year , which she loves too , so it was a great idea .

  • Linda M Neuberger: March 27, 2020

    Recently used the Max Pouches in my medium suitcase on my Paris trip the colorful pouches remind me Hawaii. Loved it. Got back to USA ordered more pouches for my small rolling carry- on. And if you don’t already have a day tripper tote. Get one, or two, alright I have a third. So light even with essential. I’m very fond of Kealopiko one as I live part time on Beautiful Molokai.

  • Piper Gerrity: March 19, 2020

    I use these all the time. I always travel with them, both in luggage and carry on. I organize my medications in them, toiletries, makeup, wet bathing suits. Plus, they are so darn cute! I love the tropical patterns and colors and they are very lightweight. Pretty enough to leave out or take out as a little purse. I am obsessed with them. Thank you and Aloha!

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